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Dandelion Fragile Beauty

Vulnerable and beautiful, this withered dandelion holds its own charm. When you see them, take a moment to appreciate their beauty—they are truly exquisite. Fun fact: Dandelion coffee and tea. Yes, you read that right—you can make coffee from dandelions. The roots can be used to create a healthy coffee alternative that's caffeine-free. Similar to chicory, you can roast the roots in the oven and then grind them or grind them first and then roast them—whichever works best for you. Dry the roots for about an hour to an hour and a half in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius, or you can do this in a frying pan over low heat. Once finely ground, your coffee substitute is ready to brew. Use approximately 1 gram of roasted root powder per cup, boil it in water, and in 10 minutes, you'll have a delightful cup of coffee. Furthermore, you can use the yellow flowers to make sweet jam or syrup. If you're not fond of sweets or a coffee enthusiast, don't worry—you can also dry the yellow flower heads to make a calming tea. Simply dry them for about an hour at 150 degrees Celsius or in a frying pan over low heat.