Acrylic Glass Mat

Mat acrylic glass is a popular and modern material used for printing photos due to its sleek appearance. The photos are printed on the back of the glass resulting in a clean and sharp image with high contrast and color saturation. This makes it perfect for showcasing professional photographs, art pieces or high-quality images. The material is durable, lightweight and provides a contemporary look that is versatile enough for both residential and commercial use. Mat acrylic glass is an excellent way to add depth and vibrancy to any room.

Print behind matte or glossy plexiglass?

Are you unsure whether to choose a photo print in our matte or glossy version? Both finishes offer durable protection and comparable quality for showcasing your photos. Your choice will depend on two key factors: the type of photo you want to print in our photo lab and the characteristics of the space where you plan to hang the print.

Do you have an image with vibrant colors? The glossy plexiglass finish will showcase them best. Do you want to highlight photos with muted, somewhat darker tones or do you have a black and white photo? Opt for a photo print with a matte plexiglass layer to enhance these types of images.

With our photo print finished with matte plexiglass, you can enjoy a museum-quality artwork without distracting reflections. It’s the ideal choice for displaying images in brightly lit spaces where you want to avoid reflections on your beautiful photos. The plexiglass layer also provides sustainable protection against sunlight or UV rays.

If you plan to hang the photo panel in a children’s room or a high-traffic area, choose our matte finish to prevent unsightly fingerprints. Additionally, in the bathroom, you can relax and enjoy your print without worry, as the matte plexiglass finish protects your work from moisture.

Our printing and framing solutions offer individuals the best value for personalized wall decor in the form of their own photo panels. Whether you choose a Fine Art print as a poster, a minimalist print on Dibond aluminum, or a matte or glossy plexiglass finish, you will always find a product that suits your creative project.

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