Photographs printed on aluminium have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their unique aesthetic and durability. Printing on aluminium offers a modern and sleek look to any image, with vivid colors, high contrast, and excellent clarity. The metal surface of aluminium prints adds depth and texture to the image, creating a sense of depth and vibrancy. Aluminium prints are weatherproof and can withstand sunlight, heat, and moisture, making them ideal for outdoor spaces. They are also scratch-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring that the artwork looks stunning for years to come. As a result, aluminium prints are becoming a popular choice for photographers, artists, and designers who want to showcase their work in an eye-catching and long-lasting way.

Our photo prints finished with aluminum stand out for their elegant and contemporary appearance. This finish directs attention to the smallest details in your photo, drawing the viewer into the image. A photo print on aluminum is ideal for displaying your photos in large format on the wall and giving your interior a contemporary look.

All our finishes are made from top-quality materials. Every project begins with printing your photo on photo paper. For this, we have chosen Fine Art photo paper of the Fuji DPII Gloss type (250 gsm) for optimal print quality and vibrant colors. The glossy filter provides a shiny finish and protects against external influences (moisture, dust, UV rays…). 

Photo prints finished with aluminum, plexiglass, or matte plexiglass all have a crucial step in common: lamination. The photo is printed in high definition and then laminated onto a Dibond aluminum panel. This keeps the print in place and allows for easy wall mounting. The design of this thin, rust-free, and rigid aluminum panel is unobtrusive, ensuring that all attention is focused on your composition. To our plexiglass-finished photo prints, an additional layer of plexiglass is added. The aluminum finish is more suitable for a natural, minimalist style. Altogether, it gives all your shots a modern look—a wall decoration with trendy design!

Our aluminum panels form a frame at the back of your photo panel, allowing it to hang slightly off the wall (20 mm), and are equipped with adhesive hooks for easy hanging. This effect enhances your photo, drawing the viewer into your best work, as the aluminum finish does not distract from your artwork.

What is Dibond Aluminum?

The print of your photo is laminated onto a sturdy Dibond aluminum panel. Dibond aluminum consists of two thin outer layers of aluminum with a polyethylene core layer in between. The aluminum composite panel provides durable protection and ensures that your art photo maintains its shape. Dibond aluminum is rust-resistant and rigid, which is why it is popular among artists and galleries for printing and exhibiting art photos.

The characteristics of a photo print on aluminum have become the signature of all prints at Zeinberg. In our photo lab, prints on Fine Art photo paper are always laminated onto a Dibond aluminum panel. This applies to both the aluminum finish and our prints with plexiglass and matte plexiglass.

Due to its lightweight nature, our photo prints on aluminum are also easy to hang on the wall. Your aluminum photo panel will be delivered to your home or gallery with a hanging system and hook, ready to be displayed. All our prints are accompanied by a customizable certificate.

Our photo lab has the expertise to guide the greatest photographers in art prints and reproductions for all their exhibitions. Therefore, we have developed a range of customized finishes for each of your photos to enhance your artistic creations even further. Aluminum, as well as Fine Art, plexiglass, or matte plexiglass – we offer a choice of finishes that meet all your artistic desires.

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