Acrylic Glass glossy

Photo prints on acrylic glass in a glossy finish are incredibly vibrant and high quality. The glossy finish intensifies colors and sharpens details, making it perfect for images with a lot of contrast or bright colors. The glossy finish is achieved by printing the image onto a sheet of high-quality photographic paper, which is then sandwiched between two layers of clear acrylic glass. The result is a stunning, frameless piece of art that appears to float off the wall. Acrylic glass is highly durable and scratch-resistant, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas. When displayed in well-lit spaces, the glossy finish can create a striking effect, perfect for modern and contemporary decor.

As an expert in photo printing, we offer a range of finishes designed to showcase your best shots and personalize your interior. A photo print finished with plexiglass is one of our most popular options, thanks to its excellent quality and numerous benefits. Plexiglass is lightweight and shatterproof, enhancing colors and making it ideal for vibrant color portraits or landscape photos with contrasting hues. We recommend this finish for your most stunning color photographs, but it is also suitable for printing black and white photos.

Your photo print is first printed on Fine Art paper (we use the luxurious Fuji DP Gloss 250 mg paper) for brilliant colors and a natural display. Similar to our aluminum-finished photo print, the print is then laminated onto a Dibond aluminum panel, providing a sturdy structure and durable protection for your art photo.

Next, a 2mm-thick plexiglass (polymethyl methacrylate) sheet is applied to the print to enhance colors and safeguard your work from external influences. The plexiglass is applied using a special process to ensure there are no bubbles or cracks. The plexiglass finish complements our aluminum-finished photo print perfectly.

All our photo panels come with a rectangular aluminum frame attached to the back of the laminated print. This allows the artwork to slightly protrude from the wall, enhancing its overall presentation. Your photo panel, with or without a frame, is now ready for home delivery.

Why choose an image behind plexiglass?

An image finished with plexiglass is suitable for all sizes, which can explain its popularity.

The gloss and vibrant colors of a photo panel finished with plexiglass make it one of Zeinberg’s favorite finishes for photography enthusiasts. The glossy finish enhances brightness, deepens colors, and accentuates the contrast of your image. We recommend this finish for photos you want to display in a darker space in your home (hallway, office, living area with less natural light).

The plexiglass panel is completely transparent, allowing your image to stand out without altering its display or perception. Plexiglass is a lightweight and unbreakable material that can be hung in any interior or even outdoors. Whether it’s a busy area or a children’s room, our print behind plexiglass is built to last.

An image print finished with plexiglass is more durable than a canvas print, ensuring your photo stays beautiful for years to come. The additional layer of plexiglass protects the photo paper from dust, UV rays, and fingerprints, allowing you to enjoy your most precious memories every day.

An image behind plexiglass guarantees a modern and captivating look to your wall decor.

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